ASI Global Partitions, the most widely specified manufacturer of toilet partitions in the industry, has offered architect and building owners more choices in toilet partitions, from powder coated steel, stainless steel, and solid plastic to black core phenolic, color-thru phenolic, and plastic laminate in any mounting styles. And, we offer the greatest selection shipped in 48 hours as well.

Building on choices, we now offer our newest European Style Privacy Partitions—the Alpaco Collection, a marriage of European design and American manufacturing ingenuity. ASI Global Partitions—LEED Friendly, Designer Friendly, ADA Friendly, Customer Friendly.“

ASI GROUP – Integrated Building Products

A well-designed bathroom and locker room can be the deciding factor in elevating a building from good to great and the ASI Group has the most innovative collection of Washroom Accessories, Toilet Partitions, Lockers and Storage Devices, and Visual Display Products to assist you in reaching your goals.

More Choice: Every building is unique and often different areas of the same building have unique physical environments, sizes, frequency of use, and maintenance needs. With the widest selection in the industry we meet those unique needs because we are not limited by the constraints of material type, product configuration, and style. Architects, Building Owners, Contractors, and Facility managers have come to rely on us as the only company that can provide unbiased guidance on product selection because of that breadth of line.

Global Reach: With operating units and offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, UK, Middle East, Mexico, and China, along with sales in more than 50 countries, our ability to serve is not limited by geography. Our broad scope helps meet the needs of healthcare, education, office, and retail buildings, as well as airports, stadiums, government offices, cultural centers, and hotel/restaurant operations.

Experience: Our teams have helped deliver on a promise of excellence on some of the most prominent projects in the world. From the iconic Port House in Antwerp, AT&T Stadium in Dallas, and NYU Dormitory in Abu Dhabi, to the US Embassy in China, Canberra International airport in Australia, and Goldman Sachs HQ in New York, we have met varying and discerning tastes.

Speed: Privately owned and operated since inception, we maintain the flexibility to develop and deliver unique products and a nimble managing philosophy along with processes that allow us to ship more products in 48 hours from when you order them, than anyone else in our industry.

Customer Service: Our simple mission and steadfast commitment is—“To make our customers successful by providing a value greater than price, and an excellent service experience”. Call any member of our family of companies and you will find one common thread that ties them together—our customers are the focal point around which our businesses revolve.

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