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Stainless Steel Partition LEED Info    

Construction Features Options

Stainless Steel Partition Honeycomb Core

Honeycomb Core
Made of cellular honeycomb.
This type of core provides
strong construction
and sound attenuation.
  • Wood Core
  • Continuous Aluminum Brackets
  • Continuous Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Continuous Powder Coated Brackets
  • Continuous Stainless Steel Hinge
  • No Sight Hardware
  • Ultimate Privacy™ Height Options
  • Stainless Steel Stirrup Brackets & Door Hardware

Technical Specifications

  Floor Anchored/Overhead Braced
  Floor Anchored
  Ceiling Hung
  Floor & Ceiling Anchored
  All 4 Files in One

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Care & Maintenance
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Stainless Steel Partition Welded Corner Welded Corner
Corners of panels, pilasters
and doors are welded to each
other and to the adjacent face
Stainless Steel Partition Vandal-Resistant Fastener Vandal-Resistant Fasteners
Special driver installs fasteners
which virtually eliminates
unauthorized removal and
ensures easy installation.
Stainless Steel Partition Concealed Latch Concealed Latch
With emergency access and
ADA lever handle.

Stainless Steel Partition Bottom Door Hinge Bottom Door Hinge
Gravity-positioning hinge
provides safe, durable and
maintenance free support.
Stainless Steel Partition Upper Door Bracket Upper Door Bracket
Internal part of the door. A pin
goes through door and bracket
for three-point bearing and
operates in a nylon bushing
in upper hinge bracket.
Stainless Steel Partition Pilaster Mounting Pilaster Mounting
Pilaster adjustments, with floor-
mounted jack-leveling device
are standard on floor anchored/
overhead braced pilasters.
Stainless Steel Partition Alternate Pilaster Mounting Alternate Pilaster Mounting
This heavy gauge mounting is
furnished on all ceiling hung and
floor anchored pilasters.
Stainless Steel Partition Shoe Construction Shoe Construction
One-piece stainless steel,
type 304, with #4 satin finish trim
shoes are hemmed top and bottom
for rigidity and sleek appearance.