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Construction Features Options

Solid Plastic Partition 8” Aluminum Wrap-Around Hinge

8” Aluminum Wrap-Around Hinge
Mainstream choice.

  • Continuous Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Continuous Aluminum Brackets
  • Continuous Plastic Brackets
  • Continuous Stainless Steel Hinge
  • Integral Hinge
  • Vault Hinge 
  • Plastic Shoes
  • Anti-Microbial Additives
  • No Sight Hardware

Technical Specifications
  Floor Anchored/Overhead Braced
  Ceiling Hung
  Floor & Ceiling Anchored
  All 4 Files in One

Installation Instructions
Care & Maintenance
Warranty - Solid Plastic
NFPA 286 Criteria Test Results


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Solid Plastic Partition Emergency Access Emergency Access
Meets ADA requirements.
Slotted keeper coupled with
gravity hinges allows access
in an emergency.
Solid Plastic Partition Vandal-Resistant Fasteners Vandal-Resistant Fasteners
Special driver installs fasteners
which virtually eliminates
unauthorized removal and
ensures easy installation.
Solid Plastic Partition 55” High Doors and Panels 55” High Doors and Panels
14” clearance from floor.

Solid Plastic Partition Shoe Construction Shoe Construction
Stainless steel, type 304,
with #4 satin finish trim
shoes are hemmed top
and bottom for rigidity
and sleek appearance.
Solid Plastic Partition Easy-Stall Shoe Easy-Stall Shoe
for floor anchored/overhead braced.
Easily adjusted leveling bolt. True concrete anchor screws designed for lasting holding power. Anchor rated at 2770 lbs. pullout strength. Available with Type 304 stainless steel or plastic mounting shoe. 
Plastic mounting shoe for Easy-Stall. Available in cream, black, blue and metallic silver.