Alpaco Classic 

A marriage of simplicity and functionality creates a collection that has ASI’s exclusive Ultimate Privacy at its heart. Zero sightlines, doors and pilasters that meet in a flush finish rebated closure all ensure guaranteed privacy. Style and stability have not been sacrificed in this collection, with robust octagonal head rails adding to our seamless construction.

The Classic collection matches any aesthetic and performance need. Crisp design lines, bold hardware options and superior functionality make the Classic collection perfect for any high-profile setting.


Our Classic Partitions are constructed of 13mm thick High Pressure Laminate Compact (HPL), which is anti-microbial, non-porous, water-resistant, impact and scratch resistant and available in a range of standard and custom colors.

Color-Thru Phenolic Color Selection

Hazelnut 4450C
Cinnamon 5450C
Persian Blue 7450C
Gray Mist 3450C
Black 2000C
Black Core Phenolic Color Selection

Almond 4000
Neutral Glace 1130
Natural Canvas 4410
Desert Zephyr 4583
Tungsten EV 4801
Taupe 9096
Silver Gray 3000
Folkstone Celesta 3300
Dove Gray 3010
Graphite Graphix 3020
Due to variances among color monitors the colors that appear on your screen may not be exact.
If color is important you must request samples prior to ordering.


Flush FinishSelf-Closing Doors

All of our self-closing doors have a completely flush, rebated finish for zero sightlines.


Occupancy latch with an emergency unlatching device shows when partitions are in use.

Beveled Edges

All edges are beveled and have an engineered polished black finish.

Global Partitions Corp. reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.