BIM Objects

Global Partitions Corp. offers all its toilet partitions as Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects for architects, builders and owner to download at no charge for easy placement in building plans and designs to scale. They are available in all four mounting styles and materials. They include all the details to help streamline the design process by creating efficiency, minimizing errors and making the construction of any building a more collaborative effort between architects, building owners, contractors and product manufacturers.

1. From this page, batch entire collections or product categories: check the collection and/or product category you want, then scroll to the bottom, select your file type and hit download.

2. Within a collect ion or product category, you can select multiple products: check the associated boxes, then scroll to the bottom of the collect ion/category, select your file type and hit download.

3. For a single product’s BIM file, go directly to the product and select the file required.

These files can also be downloaded at

Ceiling Hung

Floor Anchored

Floor Anchored / Overhead Braced

Floor to Ceiling Anchored




Global Partitions Corp. reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.